To Be Perfectly Honest…

I think the most crucial learning point of any relationship is a break up.  This is when you finally understand the truth.  When you break up with someone, you have nothing to lose except your own self worth.  It is tragic too that a lot of people care what others think of them instead of nurturing the thoughts they have about themselves.  At the end of the day, who is going to be there no matter what?  YOUR SELF.  At the same time, people will justify their dishonest actions toward one another and smudge details, especially in front of “significant” people in their lives.  They do this to serve their own personal gain.  Of course they can’t lie about the FACTS, but they can allow the MIND to warp what-they-believe about the facts.  This leads me to believe that we must first be honest with ourselves before we can be honest with others!

After breaking up with several different individuals, the TRUTH of the situation slapped me so hard in the face that it was hard to ignore.  All the lies they had told me… they were now telling other people.  All the icky-feeling behavior I had noticed in them clicked instantly in my head.  SUDDENLY, I was amazingly grateful for the breakup.  Breakups not only in romantic relationships but in friendships.

I have a natural ability to DISCOVER and EXPOSE truth in all of its naked glory.  One person asked how I got to know people so deeply… to which I replied that I was honest and sincere.  Those traits allow someone else to feel comfortable opening up about their own truth.  So the more I would pour truth into someone, the more truth I received in return.

You might say to me: “I have been honest with someone and they have done nothing but lie to me.  How do you account for that?”

My question for you is: “How do you know they are lying to you?”

I almost should not tell you this… but there is a trick to finding the truth in all circumstances.  Be honest and open with everyone.  Make friends with everyone you can.  Honesty and truth will find its way back to you through someone or some method and you will know the truth!!!

I’m an excellent “hide-and-seek” player.  Perhaps I am great at finding the truth because I know all the tricks of hiding it.

Because let’s be honest here:


Does that get you thinking?  What has she lied to me about?  Well, stop it.  Does it matter?  You know what feels right in your heart.  What I have to say means nothing because words are meaningless.  But that feeling- THAT FEELING in your heart means everything.  You know what you have lied about and it is time to be honest about it.  I have forgiven myself for my lies.  I have asked for forgiveness for my lies.  I have forgiven you for your lies.

I have lied and I have withheld truth.  I have also been lied to and had the truth withheld from me.  I have been an instrument in lying to someone else for someone else.  The truth hurts… but lies hurt more.  It is important to know, the truth will always reveal itself, so let’s stop hurting each other and ourselves beyond what is necessary.  I always do my best to tell the truth.  Will you?

Let’s start a chain reaction!

I am filled with overwhelming peace and love for all of you who read this, I hope you feel this too.  Please comment below!  I also want to thank those who verbally comment their love to me for my blog.  It doesn’t matter to me how many comments I receive, it matters the amount of hearts that are touched.



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