Alton Sterling, The Orlando Mass Shooting, and Animal Cruelty

Attention has been focused once again on a case of “police brutality” on an “innocent black man”.  At first I wanted to stay oblivious to this news story.  I wanted to avoid bringing attention to a case of this nature because media is a dangerous medium.  Millions of people see a video and speculate… but they are only seeing a short slice into the truth.  The word of witnesses, friends, and those involved are simply the perceptions of the event.  They are STORIES being told.  These stories are a quick grasp to remember how they felt, or capture the important moments to each individual, but also to serve their individual interests.

Anyone who has experienced a difficult situation of ‘he said, she said’ can relate… You know the truth but the other person is clearly lying and there is nothing you can do to diffuse the situation but disengage and hope the truth is revealed in time.  So in this case, I see people arguing on Facebook for either side of this story.  I know a lot of people… African American friends who fear for their lives (as well as the lives of their family)… Former police officers and their beautiful, loving, ever-accepting family… and all the in-between.  What is said:


I do not disagree with this.


Yes, they do.


Okay, I understand you’re hurt.  We hear you.  But can we say one thing–


Sniping police officers…

Really?  What good did that do?  Seriously!


Because this remembrance was brought up on the Fourth of July: America’s Independence Day…

The celebration of the freedom we gained by taking the lives of those who were here before us for our own gain.


Because seriously…

Let’s not forget the TRAGIC shooting in Orlando where 50+ innocent people were mercilessly killed/injured at a gay night club.

Honestly, these arguments didn’t bother me.  No, I ignored them for a good amount of time.  I was perfectly okay until I saw this video:

I’ve seen this video before a long time ago… but recently I stopped eating meat and when I watched this video again… it HIT HARD.  I don’t mean to preach but rather express my feelings… because I felt TRUE and HONEST heaviness in my heart.  I am GLAD we are outraged and saddened at the death and slaughter of innocent people.  Let’s just say for all intents and purposes… Alton Sterling is innocent and he was shot by these cops.  WOW, that’s a powerful suggestion.  This poor, innocent man was SHOT to DEATH.  Do you feel that?

Now, we have these cops at this protest rally who were sniped!!!  These adults who were once children in their parents’ home…that might have grown up wanting to be a cop… so they could bring justice to a dark and crazy world… so they could protect and save those closest to them and defeat the bad guys.  Five officers were SHOT and KILLED with others injured.  Do you feel that?

In Orlando, the LGBT community who have been persecuted for loving who they WANT to LOVE, not just that night but their entire lives…. 50+ SHOT and KILLED with others injured.  Do you feel that?

So now I raise you one more…

Why do we get outraged and saddened at the death and persecution of these innocent people… but NOT!!! at the DEATH and EXPLOITATION of ANIMALS and the World’s BEAUTIFUL, LIVING, INNOCENT, VOICELESS creatures?

In a perfect world…


And we wouldn’t have to worry if it was a…

Black Life

Blue Life

White Life

Man’s Life

Woman’s Life

Animal’s Life

Bug’s Life

Child’s Life


If you’re ever confused… Just think this to yourself…

“If I was that [Insert noun], would I want this [action or word – done or said] to me?”

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and you will be SO SURPRISED at how far you go…

Every Life Matters… We are all made of matter.  It just makes sense.

Your Life Matters,


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