Pinata Mentality

I have friends in places I never imagined.  I am so blessed.  Finding friends in a world that is self centered is not an easy task.  A lot of the time it is an “EAT OR BE EATEN” mentality.  Especially when it comes to work friends.  Is this a healthy practice?  The answer is no.  Of course, when we are working in a competitive field- the threat of someone being better than us is rather terrifying.  What if you lose out on the more desirable pay, work, shifts?  Well, maybe we should work harder for something better…  But instead some work less, talk behind each other’s back, and expect no consequences.

Anyway, back to friendship.  I find out my friends by who does and who does not tell me things, especially pertinent information or something that would help me in some way.  I find out my friends by working with them and finding out what is more important to them: money, family, peer pressure and fitting in, love, sex, attention, laughter, routine and comfort, power, God, or helping others.  I find out who my friends are by knowing that I AM a friend to all who ask.  When you ask, you receive.  So why would you ask me to be your enemy?  Why, after all the love and help I gave to you, would you cast me aside?

I understand now the plight of God.  Why do you blame me?  I have done nothing to deserve such hatred because I have nothing but good intentions.  Perhaps that is why no good deed goes unpunished.  The question I have now is: Do I wallow and suffer? Do I fight for others without a voice and for myself?  Do I embrace someone’s perception that I have ill-intent or I’m out to get them in order to activate positive change?  Will my voice be heard over the mourning cries of my people and the rumbling tantrums of the oppressive?

I have fought for myself and for the benefit of many others… I have seen positive change.  That settles that, I must keep fighting.  Not only at work.  Not only for my friends.  Not only for my family.  But for ANYONE AND ANYTHING that suffers.

Through pain… we learn weakness.  But then we should remember we are smart! and WE ARE STRONG!  We must fight the good fight!

Perhaps that is why we love the idea of the pinata.  We want the candy but we must be strong.  We must wait our turn.  We must fight to break away at the truth!  We should have a pinata mentality.

Will you find your strength??

With all the love and the strength,


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