Mosquito Love

I am brought to tears by LOVE.  As I tried to fall asleep to the sounds of nature, I was transported back to my time on the John Muir Trail.  I can vividly remember each detail, each feeling, each low point, each high point, and the feeling of total immersion into a terrifying and beautiful world dictated by nature itself.

I was convinced that time travel and teleporting was impossible.  Bare with me… obviously not in a traditional sense… but perhaps we have that ability to a degree in our memories and our dreams.

It’s easy for me to tell you something but it is also difficult to explain why I feel SO deeply connected to something so simple as a mountain.  A tree.  A leaf.  A bug.

If I close my eyes I can remember the feeling of the hot, stony earth on my palm as I rest upon the rock.  If I move my hand, rough pebbles stick to my skin.  I rub my hands together to let earth fall back to earth.

I received a bug bite a few days ago and it brings me to remember the swarm of mosquitoes I ran screaming from.  It reminds me of the aching and itching that followed nights after in the tent from over a dozen nibbles.  Suddenly, my two pesky itchy bug bites aren’t so bad.  In fact, they’re a happy reminder of an amazing accomplishment by a girl who never imagined she could LOVE quite so much.

That same girl who is now grateful for the amazing gift these mosquitoes have given her.  It sounds crazy.  It sounds insane to think that someone could love a mosquito.  A creature thought of as so detestable… I’ve surprised myself with this one.  Trust me, I don’t enjoy painful bites– but I can appreciate the pain and be thankful.

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”
-Anita Roddick

Written by a broken individual made once again whole,


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