Genesis Harmony

This is who I AM.
In the beginning there was harmony. Let’s get back to that place.

Genesis, a word of Greek origin meaning: beginning; birth.
Harmony, a word of Latin origin, meaning: concord.

I choose this philosophy/name/motto/mantra to remind myself who I am. I hope this will change people’s perspectives of who I am. You don’t have to agree with me and you can think this is stupid or hate me or tease me.. But every one will know where you stand.

Either you are for the beginning of harmony, you are against it, or you are indifferent to it.

Just remember: It is your choice and we cannot achieve harmony without concord.

❤️ LOVE ❤️

Here’s a video I did a bit ago and finally felt the push to share.

Here is an original song I wrote after learning how to play the ukulele <3


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Love wholly,

Genesis Harmony

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