Good Nigh – A Poem

Turn up your volume, take a listen, and follow along.

Speak with me, if you’d like.

Ugh, I’m in love!
And before you groan or gasp–
This is not the confessions of love for one person
That you desperately wish to hear–
But my reckoning of what love is.
I’m in love with life.
And it’s laughable to assume otherwise.

The gentle cross stitching of the palms
And the subtlety caused by a furrowing brow.
The art of contrast and exposure
For photographed moments in time, for balance, for authenticity.

Lying in a bed in a place called home,
Knowing I possess ‘choice’ in all that I do.
And so I ‘choose’ to sleep and dream
As lovers always do.

Oh! But why? I cannot tell a lie–
Love is a heavy burden meant to be shared betwixt you and I
Love, oh love! I beg you never die.
I’ll hold you even when all others seem to pass you by.
Good nigh, good nigh.


With all the love in my heart…

Genesis Harmony

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