A Healthy Reminder

I haven’t posted in a while.  Time seems to move at such an odd pace.  At times creeping along slowly… Other times jumping forward as a racing bullet.

See again, 15 minutes has passed for me since that last sentence was written.  Though, to you, it seemed more like 2-5 seconds depending on how slow/fast a reader you are.

And it has been months since I’ve posted here, to my chagrin.

And to have it pointed out by a person of my affections was a rather personal jab to the heart.  A sharp, thin needle poked into the flesh.  Cut it out!

You’re right.

I’ve been missing the most essential part of who I am.

I’ve been missing my voice.  To leave it behind in search of something that has been here all along is a self-inflicting injury.

I want true, unadulterated love.  I want an equal partnership where I am positively challenged, uplifted and inspired.  I want to make dreams come true.  I want to shake things up.  I want to shift perspectives.  I want to stop negative thoughts and bad intentions.  I want to nourish myself and others.  I want to create a name for myself.  I want to stand tall and firm for the things that I believe in.  I want to inspire others and create conversation that changes people’s lives.  I want to stick up for the oppressed and do what is right always, not only for me but for the greater good.  I want to embrace change and push others toward their goals.


Sometimes it is good to process, say things aloud, or write them down.  I never want to forget this.

I’ve said all these things before.  I possess everything I desire.  Sometimes I forget…

I am truly blessed… because I compare myself to others.

I’m simply on a different path.  I like my path.  It is unlike any other.

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