The Path of Least Resistance

On a new path of discovery.

Something strange has been happening.  I’ve gotten everything I’ve been asking for… But then it makes me question everything I’ve ever wanted.  Sometimes it feels as if the universe is playing with me.  Telling me that I’m close but not quite there (edit: or maybe I’m just on my way and I shouldn’t judge myself by a destination).  My intention has been spread over many different sources and causing chaotic confusion.  It makes me laugh.

The other day I manifested money into my life.  It started with a dime.  Then a penny.  I picked them up on the streets of San Francisco.  I was there to attend the March To End All Slaughterhouses 2017 which is the largest animal rights march to be held in America thus far.  PROGRESS!

Anyway, I told my friends that I was attempting to manifest a $100 bill.  As I was waiting for an uber that was free (another awesome manifestation) when I looked down to find 100 rupie bill (Indian money).

I got so excited and couldn’t help but laugh!  So Close!

It is only worth about $1.50 in American money but it is a start and definitely an amazing sign from the universe that I’m on the right path.  The path of least resistance.

So here I am writing again.  I’ll do my best, everybody.

Checking in again… and hoping again soon,

Good Girl

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